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Serious beez#7: sales, promotions what you should do?

Serious Beez #7: Sales, promotions what you should know

Winter sales are already here. Some of you think about them to promote their brand. What about quickly reminding you the 4 questions that you need to answer in order to do it properly and efficiently? How much, When and what and why. These 4 questions will help you to set a strategy on your promotion campaign.

4 basic elements that need to be answered specifically

  • An understandable offer (% of discount, gift or voucher, free delivery, pack of product with a special price). The easier the better. Nothing complicated please.
  • The time frame of your offer depends on whether you want to do proper Sales (with a specific time according to countries like 6 first weeks of January in France) or if you want to promote a special offer in a time determined by you. Special offers must be short :2 or 3 days work well. Avoid too many offers as it will not push your customers to hurry and you risk to damage your brand image.
  • The discounted products should be chosen wisely according to your goals and event. If you go on sales and want to bring a new collection, you may choose to do sales on the old collection. If you want to increase your awareness, you may want to do a discount on your best seller. If you want to launch your new product, you may want to promote it with a gift or a voucher for the purchase of it.
  • Always associate your special offer with a particular event. Whether it’s an event related to your business (special anniversary, a certain number of followers, the launch of a new product…) or an event related to the time of the year. You will always find something to celebrate in the calendar (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Summer, Mother’s day…)

Good luck!

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