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Concept of Personae



How to find your target on internet and everything you should know about the concept of Persona?


One simple fact : “if you talk to everybody, you talk to no one”

How can we define our marketing target then?

Thanks to the new technology, we can and we should describe our target more precisely. Say goodbye to the words target or target clients, we should now have someone precised in mind like a fictional caracter, that’s the concept of persona or buyer persona.

We should know everything about the persona:

  • who is he/she?
  • What’s his/her story? what are his/her doubts?
  • What does he/she needs
  • What are his/her values?

How to build you persona?

Knowing every day your customer even more to take his needs into consideration and thus communicating better with him, that’s how the concept of persona was born in the Silicon Valley.

For more accurate results, it’s better to rely on factual datas regarding your offer than your feelings. With time, your persona will have a face with more and more details.

To start with your picture,  you will resort to google analytics or any other statistics software. These tools will allow you to define the gender and the age of your persona, his city and his hobbies. Beyond your sales analysis, you can also analyse your likes and engagements on your Facebook pages or on a particular posts or even on a newsletter. These will allow you to confirm a trend.

How to build a persona when your company is new?

In this case, here are some leads to follow:

  • ask yourself about your customer profile: who is this product/service for? Why these type of person would be interested in your product?
  • look at your competitors. Who are they targeting? What is the profile of their customers on social networks? Look at the reviews from people consuming your competitor services. Build the list of things that make them worry or stop the transaction and conclude the personality of your persona.
  • look at the companies that are offering different product but with a similar environment and a dynamic close to yours. The way they communicate and the people who are sensitive to their communication will help you define a relevant target.

How to bring substance to your persona?

  • by giving her a name and surname, a place to live, an age, a job, a family status
  • by defining his personality: impulsive, conservative, non conformist, outgoing, shy…
  • by fine tuning his hobbies and main interests, his education level,
  • by pinning down his consuming habits and the places where he consumes as well as his favorite brands
  • by checking where and who you can find him to communicate with him, on which social networks he spends time, which Facebook groups he belongs to, which press he reads, which TV channels he likes and which TV programs he watches.
  • by giving him some values and core identity: loyalty to his friends, ecofriendly, close to his family…
  • by focusing on our product and wondering what would be the strength that he would particularly appreciate and the weaknesses that he would reject.

With all these datas, you will be able to generate an ID card of your persona. It will help you to always keep him in mind in your strategy. Your persona must be at the heart of your project in order to have him follow you in you development and growth and consume your product.

How to communicate efficiently with your persona?

Because you know your persona very well (you even give her a name!), you can and you have to create a strong relationship with him. You will have to build a story with him on the different distribution points and communication media through social networks, blog, e-mailing campaigns, newsletters…Your commun references, your environment, your history and the way he feels about them will talk to him straightfully, generating a complicity thus fidelity and sales!

To conclude about targeting the right people for your business, here are some food for thoughts:

  • Analyse: the behavior of your visitors (navigation and browsing on your website, e-mailing campaign opening rate, A/B tests) with an analytic approach.
  • Picture your customer in his environment, his way to think and how he will react when you will launch a new product, or a new strategy or a post on Facebook…
  • Listen to your customer with a receptive behaviour and by gathering information through blog comments, surveys, Q&A, social network interactions


And to go even more further, the more you go into your customer’s mind the better. What better way then implicating him in your business in a process co-creation?


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