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#5 Our 4 first lessons

  • What happens in the hive this month?

So off we go! 
We now have a website that is working, we have highly motivated designers and new collections that keep dazzling us!
We have really taken our little Startup another step further and at this stage we want to share with you 5 tips and lessons that we’ve learnt.

First lesson: 

Even if something in the project is not your job, try to make it happen. DO IT  ! It will daunt you and you will probably pull out your hair in despair. You will think that you achieved something great that will probably fall very quickly. But…you will have learnt your lesson number 2 and beyond that!

Lesson number 2:

Try as soon as possible to resort to professionals. Unfortunately we are not super women. And thanks to lesson number 1, we knew what we were talking about and where a special attention was needed.

Lesson number 3 :

 Keep some time to do what you like the most. You still have to wait a bit longer for your 50 employee full team. Meanwhile they are so many subjects to tackle, answers to give in very various areas. Sometime you will feel that you forgot the reason why you started this business in a first place. Go back to what you like.

Lesson number 4: 

Change your mind…Having a goal is great.
But being flexible regarding your needs and the ones of others is even better. You should always consider the market trends. Answering to the demand and making a business out of it is not that bad! Even if it means questioning  your preset objectives. The path will be different…it is bumpy but exciting

Lesson number 5:

Be nice with your business partners: whether they are proper associates in your business or simply providers or buyers. Within French Beez we are lucky because we can rely on each other and on our complementarity. The fact that we are living on two completely different time zones helps us to cover the demands of our customers and designers. Between us two we are covering two shifts.

Go (West) French Beez!


Paname in old French means Paris, where everything has began…Celine Marie is a French designer and a plastic artist born in Normandy, raised in Paris and based in Amsterdam since 2017 after having spent 6 years in Asia.
Her passion for the craftsmanship environment lead her into founding her own brand Panam Shelter, an arty brand made of accessories and vintage wall paper patterns printed products (with nice stories to go along with).


CELINE MARIE’s vision of her brand:

Three different layers of underskirt, each of them in a different color”

What else could I ask for?
By the simple fact of wearing that skirt, I was getting back all of my splendor! Back into the spotlight !
I felt so much happiness and comfort in this stylish outfit . I could feel the silkyness of the coton, the grace of a ballet dancer.
Almost. I was actually moving to the dance floor and everybody was looking at Me. With the crazy tunes of Kim wilde, Cock Robin and Rita Mitsouko, the rhythm and the beat of the 80’s were getting me into transe for hours.
With my white ankle socks and its spotless frills, the spring was here, the summer was not far.
The ankle was laced with a thin leather strap and was magnifying the size 27 ballerina shoe.
That was my idea of elegance, the prestige at its best. A magical and exclusive moment completely unusual but so intense. It was a sunny day, everything was perfect, I was 6 years old.

We all have a skirt with ruffles somewhere in our heart…
Putting on a favorite accessory is the shortest way to get closer to Yourself.

Being immersed in that kind of incredible experience, relive the pleasure of getting attired, that is my mission with Panam Shelter. I want you to feel and live this particular connexion through every touch, every fabrics and every little finishing details!

1. Your favorite gift?
Tasty chocolate

2. Your absolutely necessary item?
My handbag

3. Your main inspiration source?
Decorative arts

4. Your major difficulty in your host country?
The Dutch language

5. Your first purchase after winning the Euromillions lottery?
A painting from Antoine Vit

6. Your hidden talent?
Word games

7. Do you have stucked in mind a question with no answer so far? Let’s be happy, what are we waiting for?

8. A sound, a noise that you can’t bear at all? The squeal of trains on rails

9. An inspiring place or city?

10. Another brand that you like on French Beez?
Fan of Aoyama notebooks & Enjoy citiz

Celine, tell us about one product of your brand. What is the story behind this product? Why precisely this one ?


My favorite Paname shelter product is the besace Brooklyn (messenger bag). It’s one of the first product that I have designed and very quickly I sold it very well. That is why it is also available now in different leather colors and in suedine. It has become Paname Shelter’s emblem.


Our Beez crush this month goes to Adeline and her blog site “Les musettes s’en mêlent”. A website that creates such engaging stories and that conveys a feel good mood.
Adeline was initially a painting restaurer. She has had a workshop in the suburb of Paris for 9 years and moved to Amsterdam where she has been living for 3 years now. At first, she tried to keep her job and used to commute to Paris but it was too much.
Adeline started thinking about a nomad professional project that would get fine with her expat situation. She started to get interested by the environment of the “Expat partner” or as you say in French “Conjoint suiveur”. In a couple, the “expat partner” is the one who is following, whereas the other one got the job opportunity.
Some “expat partners” are blooming whereas others are more struggling. She  wanted to focus on the ones who were succeeding to combine personal life, family life, and professional life.

Her motto: depicting on her blog ordinary people doing extraordinary things like arriving and getting used to a new country, supporting their children and husband/wife, and launching a new professional project.

she wants this website to be inspiring, motivating, with real content. Her muses (a reference to her first job) are highly motivated, dynamic women and men with original projects.
She likes to meet people and get in touch with them and wants to show that during your expatriation you can encounter difficulties however it’s an enlightening experience!!


What is a business plan?
It is a document that explains what are the sales opportunities related to your new business project. In this document you will tell which action plan you will set up in order to make the most of these opportunities and what does it mean financially.
It consists in a point of reference for the entrepreneur and his team for the 3 years to come. It is a document that you reconsider from time to time in order to update it and set up new goals.

Can we get off the business plan?
Shifting your business modele and change your concept along the way, many companies have been led to do it. In order to fight a competitive environment, to seize a new opportunity or to push forward and improve an average first idea. Shifting is a subtil art that you need to master.
By dint of talking to bankers, experts, customers and suppliers, questioning is often unavoidable. The right word for it is to “pivot” that means to make a structural course correction in your business plan. It can be in your price, functionalities, distribution channels, adding new services or different products.

To correctly “pivot” , it is necessary to have solid fondations, convictions and beliefs along with the capacity to listen to critics and feed backs from your different interlocutors. This to continuously adapt your business.
In the USA there is now a concept that is much talked about, the one of lean startup. These companies are testing regularly hypothesis, are confronting ideas to reality and base their development only with customer’s approval. They only lean toward the positive outcome without having direction or solid bases. Some lean startups are very much critiziced because they don’t have a good idea to start with, no values or DNA, and no coherent direction when it comes to new decisions.
Pivot must be use rather to improve or complete an offer. The aim is not to behave like a wind vane, you would lost your customers but rather to fine tune, to test and to modify your project.
Guilhen Bertholet, manager at Invox (a Content Marketing Agency) explains us ” fostering a vision needs to be done with a long term approach, a certain serenity in the thinking that can’t be part of a Lean startup process”

As a business entrepreneur, you need to be prepared to shift and to evolve within the environment you are in.

Think out of the box, in a creative way because on the field, things change very quickly according to the new technologies current pace. The life of a start-up and the one of his founder are by definition bumpy. To pivot is the very foundation  of the entrepreneur state of mind and the key to success in starting your activity.
From the beginning, you need to inject a little bit of mental agility and flexibility in your company’s DNA in order to guarantee in a first place its survival and then its success.
It’s up to you to be an excellent forward thinker, to question yourself in order to take a decisive turn at the right time. All of that by keeping this passion that raise you up !

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