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How to start building your e-shop

  • Before everything :  just ask the good questions

Obviously all our project starts with many interrogations  … however you will find above a non-exhaustive list of questions related to starting a website, we’ve tried to give you an answer for each of them. Your choice will be much easier after that.

We tell you : every option has its advantage!

1 – Why do I need an e-shop? The question sounds simple but it is probably the most difficult to answer … Is it to …
-> Increase my visibility? Build a website is not enough, after that you will need to provide a big SEO work, to invest in digital marketing, have the right positioning on the market and improve your presence on social networks.

-> I just want to sell! First of all , measure the balance between your time / the invested money and  the predicted income – Sell to whom? Have I targeted the right customers? Will my customers be comfortable with shopping online ? Are my products suitable for online sales?

-> I want display my word to the wold !  Is it necessary to have an e-shop?

2- Who will create it?
-> You? a developer? Then who will manage it? handle it? Throughout our entrepreneurial life we ​​have learned to do things very far from our original skills, accounting, sales, marketing … We know that we are able to learn, a lot … but: what relationship do you have with IT? Is it easy for you? Brain teaser ? Are you allergic? I just ask ! 

-> How much do you want to invest in it ?  Let’s be clear … there are no free options  !! It can be affordable, but the free options are so limited that you should not even think about it.

3- How big will be  my e-shop?
How many references? The more the website will offer you attractive features, as import of mass products by excel tables, modification of mass product, automatic invoicing, stock and deposit management, multilingual, multi currency the more complex it will be. But all those features are totally useless if you manage less than 100 references ….

4- What is my vision of my business in 2-3-5 years ??
That question may seems strange to you but we are not all done to lead multinationals. Measuring your growth potential will also allow you to make the right choice of a website that will grow with you! (Or not)

Because for all these questions, there are options   !

 Online, you will easily find comparative platforms of e-shops. We will only talk about e-shop builders and only those we have tried.

Because unlike you at that time we did not ask ourselves many questions before diving into it….. and we ran in it ! Head down!

Wix is a very easy-to-use drag and drop website builder for great results as advertised right from the homepage. However, it will be appropriate in its free version to those who do not think to change their site and who just need a beautiful presentation site.

I’ve been using WIX for 10 years, and I’m not ashamed to say that it’s a old crush. Sorry for the purists … The site is reliable, easy enough to use. The number of templates is limited but we can also start from scratch. They really have improved the  SEO


Simplicity // Ergonomics // Good Speed // Free stock photography // Integrated newsletter


Few template // Product management difficult if + 100 ref // Free version slow and with lots of ads // Few sales information – no stats // No automatic billing // No mass changes of Product Pages

Launched in 2007, the public version of the Prestashop software was a great success in the first month after it. What made the strength of this website editor was its apparent simplicity, and the power of its features. In reality it is far from simple and the first settings are essential. It will be suitable for experienced people or those who ask a developer to do the job. It is very suitable for shops with many references.

I’ve started in Prestashop following the advice of a friend who told me ¨ “it’s the simplest and most powerful.”  Really ? It was a nightmare, I spent hours there, and nights! Make it 4 times from the beginning, I had big issues of compatibility between modules and templates. An update completely erased the site. Told you …  was awfull. It is indeed a very powerful builder but probably too powerful for me! However I am still very proud to have finally succeeded.


Power // efficient and numerous modules // large offer of e-commerce solutions // mass product management // Automatic invoicing //


Big issues of compatibility between templates and modules and between modules themselves // Dangerous update (then we read on the web that you should never change version of Presta! // no it is not free / / No it’s not easy // Requires good IT skills // Work with a developer specialized in Prestashop //

WordPress already had an extension that allowed to transform his blog into a shop, but confronted with the great competition of software dedicated to this effect, the WP e-Commerce software did not have as much impact. WordPress offers yet an extension that allows you to realize at a lower cost a perfectly functional and automated, adapted and equipped with a number of options that would piss off many developers of e-commerce. Payment solutions are varied, the management and customization tools are very easily accessible to a layperson, and SEO takes another dimension since using WordPress as a base, it is possible to link his shop with a blog.

After my experience with Prestashop, our website, was nice, friendly but not really efficient. It was time to ask a professional to do the job. So we entrusted the setting of our shop to a developer who advised to use WordPress and its module Woocommerce. We also had bad surprises as well, but having become cautious we also signed for the assistance …. Now we manage the shop, create pages, have a lot of freedom of design and the maintenance is left to the pros.


Power // Modules effective and varied // Freedom of layout // Mass product management // Simplicity of Management in Backoffice // Works with a large number of references


Compatibility issues between the templates and the modules and between the modules themselves //  complicated  setting if  you have specific module (for us multivendor) – expensive Modules   –

Thanks to these experiences, we are able today to help you with those options and other solutions like Shopify – Magento – e-monsite – godaddy – Wizishop – and more … also Facebook and Instagram! and all of them have similarities with the 3 ones we have tested for you! We know how to do a little and we are well surrounded to make much more

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