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Celebrate Mother’s day the French way!

Happy French Mother’s day!


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It’s Mother’s day…Well it depends which Mother’s day we are talking about…Because Mummies are celebrated on different dates depending on where you live. In the United Kingdom Mother’s day is in March, the date beeing decided according to Easter’s day. In Australia, in Hong Kong or in a lot of countries it is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May. In France, it is on the last Sunday of May. In total there are 5 different dates. So you have to choose which one you want to talk about. At French Beez we have chosen the French date, Sunday May 26th.

Between Constance and myself we are the mothers of 8 kids.

What? Am I wrong? No no check that:

Constance: 4
Angélique : 3
And together we have French Beez. Indeed French Beez is our last one for both of us, our little baby!

Our last born, French Beez in his baby cot 😉

Like for every kids, its conception took at least 9 months when you think about it. Our baby gives us a lot of joy and fullfilmemt. Thanks to him we spend enjoyable moments around a good meal, a coffee, a glass of champagne ou during a talk via skype: we are kind to each other in a sharing spirit. We want to make him grow up, we’re looking forward to seeing him more mature so that he can stand on his own two feet. We can’t wait for him to reach his independance…financially speaking. But like with any other offspring when he is learning to walk, to read, to count, to get dress, well, you can’t avoid a bit of mess and faulty things. We get then worried about his futur…are we too ambitious for him? Will it be a total achievement? Is he well surrounded? Is he pulled outwards accordingly? Are we good parents?
And as very often when it comes to parenting, after a bit of stress, tough moments and questionings something greater comes out of it: rewards, small attentions, the first step towards accomplishment!

You want to help us and make French Beez grow up? Come and visit us, spread the world around you and spoil your mother with a French Beez gift anytime during the year!


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