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BAO Creation

My name is claire and I am French. After many travels in different countries, I finally settled in China 8 years ago.

BAO was born from an incredible “Coup de coeur” , a big crush for Asia.  This is where I have discovered the outstanding importance of symbols and the beauty of graphic elements in Asian culture. I wanted to share this love and that’s exactly how I started to make pieces of jewelry that were inspired during my travels. My achievements are the result of my curiosity and sense of observation plus my “French touch”… It gives to my collection a fashion and bohemian style. I have launnched very recently a new collection : Amazonie. It still has the BAO style but in a more westernized mood.


Amazonie collection, earings with toucan and leaves in turquoise

All my collections are handmade in tiny workshop and produced in small quantity.  I like to work with different materials: steal, silver and mixing different materials like pearls or simply coton and silk.

Find the collection here

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