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#9 Exciting news in April

# 9 New brands and a Private sale in Paris

Last month we were very excited about new joiners in our beautiful adventure. This month we are again very happy to welcome new designers. First an opening on the Middle East with KeenBags and her accessories coming directly from Dubaï (but designed by Carinne).  The French touch with inspirations from everywhere! It is a fact that we spend a lot of time meeting with new talents. Best part of our work 😉
The other big news in April is a French Beez Parisian Private sales…It will take place on the 11th, 12th and 13th of April. It is a fantastic event that we’ve put together. It is in some ways ambitious because as you know none of voir designers is France based. However this initiative seduced many of our brands who were keen to have their product displayed and either sent some stocks back to France (special thanks to people who helped us in the delivery process;-)) or be there on the D days and join the fun.
For that very special event, we got together with Louise Dagorne who designs beautiful piece of jewelery. We are very grateful to her for having us. Thanks to her the private sales will take place in a nice big place with a terrasse. An enjoyable moment to discover the greatest French Beez collections…
Here is what you will find:
Pierre et Perle ,BAO  and Aziet Saigon in the fashion jewlery category
Valerie Cordier and Marie Bizot for the leather goods part
Obiya and Une Fille en Chine  in the bags, pouches and accessories range
What do we like at French Beez?
Friendliness and meeting new people so  we have organized the event in that spirit:
Starting the Thursday night with an Upon invitation only Private Event with drinks and petits fours. (RSVP needed)
Friday 12th and Thursday 13th, the private sales will be open to all and we count on you to pass the message and share the news to your Parisian friends!
The word is that “French Beez is coming to Paris. Original gifts within reach” 

 you wish to come to our Thursday private part? Contact us here.

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