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#6 All about the Christmas fairs

  • All about the Christmas fairs

It is hardly a scoop…Christmas shopping is already on with Santa coming to town in  33 days!

One year ago we were living our first Christmas with our brands and their designers. The first version of our website was already on but too young to allow consistent sales. Far from being discouraged, we decided to go and fetch our customers on Christmas fairs. Hong Kong is full of these kinds of events. You can find different styles, many organisations have their own: schools, clubs, hotels and even private individuals who made a real business out of it…The first step for any creator is to choose the right fairs! It is a question of time and money. The investment should not be underestimated…

We asked ourselves the same questions. When to start the first Christmas sale? In October (too early??), in November? Is it better weekend or weekdays? We visited chat groups to identify the juicer fairs, those where customers arrive with their pockets full of cash amazed by our products and ready to buy them by batches of 10. We already attended on some occasions The Discovery Bay Market. It is a well known market in HK where tables are not too pricey. But everybody with stars (and dollars) in their eyes kept mentioning about “The Conrad fair”…the very same that makes you pay more than 400euros for a very tiny tiny table. So small that we hoped we sold earings only! BUT among the 18 markets and fairs that we attended, we are very proud to say that Yes indeed we were at the Conrad fair!



Une Fille en Chine” means “A Girl in China”.

My name is Cecile, I’m French and have been living in China for the last 16 years.

Fashion and decoration have always been one of my passions and I had a real crush on my arrival in Beijing for traditional Chinese prints, qipaos (Chinese dresses) and the art of silk knots. I started creating decoration pieces for my personal use, then for my friends, until the creation of my collection Une Fille en Chine.

I am also a fan of literature, gastronomy, travels (of course!), cinema and … chocolate!

1. Your favorite gift?
A book

2. Your absolutely necessary item?
My wedding ring, a bag and … my phone !

3. Your main inspiration source?

4. Your major difficulty in your host country?
Ta Learning Chinese: quite an emergency! I studies 3 semesters at Sun Yat Sen University and I really enjoyed it 

5. Your first purchase after winning the Euromillions lottery?
A family trip around the world

6. Your hidden talent?
I am fluent in “chti”, funny dialect from North of France

7. Do you have stucked in mind a question with no answer so far?

      8. A sound, a noise that you can’t bear at all?

Mosquitos in my bedroom

9. An inspiring place or city?
Hong Kong

10. Another brand that you like on French Beez?
BAO France

Find BAO France collection here

Cécile, tell us about one product of your brand. What is the story behind this product? Why precisely this one ?

Silk & cotton scarve

I use my silk & cotton scarves Une Fille en Chine everyday : it is light, and can turn from one casual day scarf to a dressy night stole, depending on how your overall dress.  Thanks to its light fabric and generous size it turns into a large sarong at the beach or at the swimming pool. One scarf only for a whole trip then !

Let’s catch up in Hong Kong!
Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28, Thursday 29 : The Boutique, Central, 11 am-8pm
Friday November 30 : French International School Christmas Fair, 4:30pm-10pm


Our Beez crush this month goes to Anne Beaufreton and her great initiative “Femmes de projets” (women’s projects). She dedicates her time to coach expat women. She helps them to find the right activity that will fit them and their state of mind.

Wants to know more?


How to make the most of the Christmas fairs when you are a vendor?
Christmas is a good time to increase your visibility and to check have a look at your competitors.  But participating in Christmas fairs and markets is time and money consuming. You cannot improvise. You need to select the right ones, to get ready for the events, to generate visits on your boot, make more sales and be at the heart of the event.

Bizarre Beez-Art

Merry Christmas !

“If you have believed in Santa during 8 years
It should be easy to believe in yourself for 5 minutes “

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